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Online classes are a way to engage in yoga from the comfort of your own home. The live class is recorded and uploaded to a private YouTube channel which gives you the option to do it at any time convenient to you if you are unable to attend at the scheduled time. Many people have found this to be a major benefit as it means they can keep a weekly yoga practice going even if they cannot always be at the class in person.

You can buy 5 classes for £30 to use over 12 weeks or a single class for £7. Below you will find answers to most questions on how online classes work.

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Questions & Answers

Here are a number of questions with answers regarding how the online yoga classes will work. If you still require more information then please contact me and I will reply as soon as I can.

Q) What is the cost and how can payment be made?
The cost will be £30 for 5 classes or £7 for a single class. Payment can be made securely by direct bank transfer, paypal or credit / debit card.
A link will be placed on the Lincoln Yoga homepage or you can Click Here

Q) Do I have to use my 5 classes in continuous attendance?
No you don't. If you have bought 5 classes you can use them anytime up to 3 months from the date of purchase.

Q) My partner and I have previously attended classes together so how will this now work?
If you are physically located in the same place for the start of an online class then one purchase covers both of you.

Q) How will my attendance at a class be known?
When a purchase is made you will be sent a link to attend the class. When you click on the link it will ask you to enter your name and request to join which is seen by me. At the point you join the class it automatically registers your attendance and at the end there is a list of who attended which is kept on record.

Q) Will I need to download any software?
Possibly, if you are using a pc then it is possible to enter the meeting without downloading software as shown below. If you are wishing to use any IOS / Andorid device then you are required to download the app and use it to enter the meeting.

Q) How are the new classes different from what you were doing on YouTube?
Zoom allows full interaction between student and teacher if desired by the student. Any student can switch on their webcam that allows their practice to be viewed by the teacher. This can be for just a few minutes where clarity of instruction is needed or for the whole class if desired. Students can turn off their webcam at any time and continue to view and hear the lesson. The only requirement is that on entry to the class the microphone needs to be off and after any interaction with the teacher it should again be turned off otherwise everyone will hear everyone else.

Q) Will the class be recorded?
Yes and it will be uploaded to YouTube on a private channel . In the event that any student is unable to attend and wishes to use a class token later, they can do so by contacting me. To view the class on YouTube you will need to login with the same email address that you have used to request that I give access to. Those who have attended the class live will be able to do the class again FOC.

Q) Can I view the class on a Smart tv?
Yes there are two ways to view the class with one being live and the other after it has been recorded.

Notes on Using Zoom
Zoom is an online platform that allows users to have a “virtual” meeting or class. The meeting will be hosted by myself and a link is sent out to those wishing to attend. If you are using any IOS / Android device you will be prompted to open the Zoom app or if you have the app already installed it will open automatically. The instructions for Zoom are easy to follow and you will be asked to enter your name then request access.

If you are using a pc and do not wish to downoad Zoom software then you can request access straight from your browser. Zoom will still try and get you to download software so to use a browser instead proceed as follows:

Click the meeting link you have received and you will see the following screen. Click the links as shown by the arrows..

Zoom Initial Screen

You will then see the same screen again but with an additional option as shown below. Again click the links as shown.

Zoom Screen with New Option

You will then see a dialogue box where you enter your name and click on “Join” and you may then see a screen to enter the meeting password.

You will then be given access and please ensure that:

1) You have chosen whether to have your webcam active or not.
2) That you Mute your microphone before the class starts otherwise it can cause noise issues during the class.

If you are unable to see Paul then click on the "participants" icon People Icon which will bring up a list on the right and then click on Paul Mullen. You will either see his live webcam or if he has not yet gone live you will see something like this icon Once the feed goes live it will change to a live webcam view.

Occasionally you may find that the screen splits in two and only half of what is being presented in viewable. In this case click again on the participants icon and select Paul Mullen from the list on the right then click the centre of your own screen. To leave the meeting click the red telephone icon that is in the centre – bottom of your screen.

If you need more information please contact me by email, phone or text message:
 01522 717850  

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